YouTube Rewind 2016


Created for YouTube

YouTube Rewind is a project that gets perpetually bigger in scope and view count year after year. With over 110 visual effects shots, 2016’s video included creating a PPAP tunnel, a collage of beat ‘em up video game effects, a massive Olympics running track, and transforming a London train yard into a construction scene a la Fifth Harmony’s “Work from Home.” Oh, and not to mention a little touch-up beautification of everyone’s (come on, admit it) favorite star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

YouTube Rewind 2016 quickly earned its place as the fastest growing YouTube video of all time — amassing over 50 million views in its first day, and is currently sitting pretty with over 230 million views.

Produced by Portal A
Director: Kai Hasson
Lead Editor: Arturo Morales
On-set VFX Supervisor: Gabe Conroy
Lead Visual Effects: Gabe Conroy
Visual Effects: David Hudson, David Zimmermann, Steven Hudson
VFX Art & Design: Ebae Kim
Roto & Rig Removal: Ablaze VFX

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