Who? What? Why?


From a young age, David Zimmermann was determined to become either a doctor, an astronaut, or a magician. He became none of those, but instead developed an appreciation for the “magic” of the movies. He is often considered to be a magician in the editing room, however, so perhaps his childhood dream really did come true. David enjoys getting good exposure (in camera and online), and staying active in an attempt to offset the languor of post-production.

Before founding Rebel Clef in 2018, David spent more than five years as a core member of the Seattle-based creative powerhouse, Cinesaurus. There, he and the team created a plethora of high-end corporate/commercial/branded content, while simultaneously developing several YouTube channels such as Gritty Reboots. To this day, their work has been shared by millions around the globe, and accumulated well over 500 million views.


Let’s jam.