Realistic Touch for Virtual Reality


HaptX Gloves™ are the world’s first industrial-grade haptic wearable. It’s the only glove to deliver high-fidelity tactile feedback and up to five pounds of force feedback per finger. HaptX Glove’s sub-millimeter accuracy makes it the most precise motion-tracked glove and enables enterprise users to achieve unprecedented realism and productivity in virtual environments.

Video features fully-functional HaptX Glove prototype.

Director: Gabe Conroy
Producer: Liz Leo
Line Producer: David Hudson
Director of Photography: David Zimmermann
1st Assistant Camera: Trix Woodard II
Gaffer: Casey Schmidt
Editor: David Zimmermann
Visual Effects: Gabe Conroy
Motion Graphics and Additional Visual Effects: Steven Hudson
Sound Design: Chris Burgess
Original Music Composition: Andy Forsberg

Talent provided by Big Fish Talent NW
Talent: Morgan Pope, Jason Sanford, Lowell Deo