Data and Analytics Matter


The right data can change everything. Deloitte helps clients design, build and run insight driven organizations by maximizing the value of data. As every company becomes a technology company, Deloitte approached us to create a video series to describe their Analytics & Information Management to new clients. Spanning months of production, we scripted and produced this nine video series, comprising over 30 minutes of content which brought us around the country to interview the Principals, Partners, and Directors leading each of the eight core offerings.

To learn more about their Analytics and Information Management (AIM) services, visit Deloitte’s web site or watch the rest of the videos above!

Director: David Hudson
Writer: Daniel Brockley, David Hudson
Director of Photography: David Zimmermann
Production Manager: Liz Leo, Daniel Sparks
Gaffer: Casey Schmidt
Location Sound: Tara Muñoz, Matt McComb
Art Director: Ebae Kim
Design: Eric Trieu, Ebae Kim, Steven Hudson, David Hudson
Motion Graphics: Steven Hudson, David Hudson, Liz Leo, Ebae Kim, Gabe Conroy
Editors: Gabe Conroy, David Zimmermann, David Hudson, Steven Hudson
Sound Design: Hexany Audio

Hosts: Lowell Deo, Heather Dudenbostel